Cooperate with MIKATA to Succeed

What is Global Partnership Program (GPP)?

   Global Partnership  Program (GPP) is designed for industry-leading distributors, resellers, dental  practices, clinics, dental laboratories highly qualified in providing dental  solutions in targeted vertical markets.The program helps partners build a  sustainable business model in a fast-changing environment, where customers  require value-added services, focused technical expertise and high levels of  satisfaction.

Types of partner

GPP provides 4 types of partnership for choices:

AAA: Mikata Authorized Agent is the sole sales and  service organization covering a specified geographic region and area.

AAD: Mikata  Authorized Distributor is the sales and service organization covering a  specified region and area.

AAR: Mikata Authorized Reseller  is the sales organization representing Mikata’s products in the retail market  in a specified area.( Now we launched to support the dentists  to enter the sale of dental equipment who are interested and plan to sell, we  will provide them the corresponding dental equipment learning and sales  support.)

APP: Mikata Project Provider is the organization working  with projects to present Mikata’s products in a specified area.

Advantage of GPP


Because of the industry – leading technology with superquality of products, it brings a high profit to our clients. In addition, the trend will last for long time in the future.


This program is designed to build orderly marketing system,for the purpose of protecting the core benefits of our partners and helping them grow rapidly.


Lots of trade shows and exhibitions help our partners to promote MIKATA and get the share of market as much as possible, and build the strong sales network for Mikata.


Mikata supplies prior, professional and timely technical support to the partners through email, phone, online chatting tools to help the partners provide best service to customers.


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