MIKATA to announce the Dental unit “MKT-480”


The relaxed form of efficient treatment

With its ergonomic-functional dental unit, the company Mikata provides you with more freedom of movement when treating your patients. The user-oriented concept promotes a healthy physiological posture and supports your natural movement processes in each treatment situation. Mikata dental unites comfort and functionality - for an efficient and relaxed working environment.

(Characteristic: LED sensor light,imported valves,Danmark linak motor, with 9 memories, movable spittoon, panorama x ray viewer,central suction system, master switch on the junction box,emergent stop function for the backrest)

1) Electric motors made in Denmark

2) Deluxe LED sensor cold light dental lamp

3) Leather standard size upholstery

4) 9 chair position memories

5) LED Panoramic film viewer

6) Deluxe assistant control panel



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