MKT-300 Technology Details

Our new model MKT-300 is launching! More details are introduced below:

About the cabinet.

1. More space is provided for technicians inspection due to the larger size.

2. Movable design serves wider operation range for dentists' assistant.

About the central control box

Integrated central control box is equipped to MKT-300.

Compared to the traditional type, the highlights are as below:

1.Integrate motor function box and central control box.

2.Use the USB connector, not easy to fall off or be damaged.

3.The technician can check and do the maintenance more conveniently.

4.The function is more stable, longer service life.

About is the wire arrangement.

It's installed on the another side of the cabinet

1. Heater system

The water and air pipes won't be damaged by the high temperature of the heater.

2. Solenoid valve

It's installed on the top of the cabinet. It won't be damaged when the broken water tube or valve leaks.

3. Wire arrangement

It's neat, making the inspection and maintenance more convenient.

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