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Dental Air Compressor

Air Compressor U-164
Technical Specification:
Rated Voltage: 220VAC 50Hz;
Current: 11.2A;
Power: 1500W;
Volume Flow: 200L/ min;
Actuating Pressure: 0.5Mpa;
Rated exhaust pressure:0.77Mpa;
Gas Holder Volume: 60L;
Noise: 80-85dB;

Products Details

Air Compressor (one for four chairs)


1.3CM steel materials for the gas tank, firm and safe.          

2.Inlet pipe made by copper , durable, abstraction of heat  .          

3.The perfect welding techniques, coupled with the great paint processing technology, up to craft requirements          

4.Add the over-current protection switch to protect the compressor heard safe          

5.One way valve adopt stainless steel balls design,reduces the leak.          

6.Stable performance, the noise in line with a quiet place where gas supply requirements.      

7.Copper wire line's diameter of power line ensure compliance with safety standards,less heat and more safety control.

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