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Dental Autoclave

Dental Autoclave DE-513
Screen: LCD display
Voltage:AC 220V/110v ±10%
Tank Capacity:23L or 18L
Class:European Class B standard
Sterilizing temperature:134℃/121℃

Products Details

1.Based on the new Class B, have 3 pulsating vacuum, Vacuum up to -0.9Bar(-0.09Mpa). Residual humidity is <0.2.Suitable to sterilizing wrap, unwrap,solid, porous, hollow device.

2.Use imported&advanced 16-bit microprocessor,easy to operate. Most suitablefor the Dept of Stomatology,Ophthalmology, Surgery and Lab.

3.With B&D test and vacuum test procedures. To test the penetrability.

4.Chamber punched by Stainless Steel (#304, thickness: 2.5mm), together withthe jet type of steam generator ensure the efficient sterilizing.

5.With alarm system for waste water tank, avoid the waste water to enter into thesterilizing circulation, make the sterilizing completely.

6.Precise LCD display and advanced self-test system ensure you get the workingdata freely.

7.Double lock door system for safety during operating.

8.Optional inbuilt mini-printer or USB connector to record the process of sterilizing.

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