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Dental High speed Handpiece

Fiber Optic handpiece K660M
Working pressure: 0.22-0.25 Mpa
Speed: 320000 ~ 340000 RPM
Noise: 52 ≦ 58 db
Applicative needle: φ1.59 ~ φ1.60 mm, /19-21 mm
Head size: Big head ≈φ12.5×h14.5mm
Connection mode: KAVO 6 hole fiber quick connector or KAVO sponta

Products Details


1. Four hole cooling atomizing, prevention of backsiphonage.

2. Compatible with original KAVO-105 / 660B push botton handpiece Cartridge.

3. Use 2.78 ceramic bearing, run more smooth,  service life increased.

Appearance: frosted surface/chrome plated

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