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Dental low speed handpiece

20:1 Fiber Optic Low Speed Contra Angle PL2001
Speed ratio: 20:1
Speed: Max: 2000min/rpm
Torque: ≥80N
Needle: ¢2.35mm
Noise: ≤63dB
Water: inside and outside washing

Products Details

20:1 Fiber Optic Low Speed Contra Angle PL2001


1. Whole body is made of stainless steel lining and shell, resistance to wear and tear, no Oxidation.

2. Inner loop cooling system with military level light optical fiber, the human body mechanical surface appearance.

3. Suitable for NSK- / KAVO- implant system interface.

4. Cartridge is suitable for NSK-20:1/ Ti-Max X-SG20/ Ti-Max X-SG20L.

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